Deemed “The Jol-Nar of Root,” the Woodland Alliance is very powerful, and rather straight-forward in what they need to do in order to win. However, they can still have rather intimidating hurdles to get over for new players. So today, we want to cover solid play while avoiding the traps new players fall into. Stick around too, because at the end of the episode, we have more Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings reveals!!


9:25 - Abilities

16:55 - Birdsong, Sympathy, and Bases

24:28 - Daylight, Evening, and Officers

40:27 - Opening Ideas

44:00 - Arts and Crafts

53:31 - Pitfalls and Winning


57:32 - The Winnu Strategy Guide Errata

1:07:08 - Prophecy of Kings Reveals! (Hacan Mech, and Shard of the Throne)


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