And so begins the saga of the most temporary strategy guides ever written. Why are we writing guides for a game whose strategy will be radically changed in a matter of months? BECAUSE! When you start something you finish it! Even if it costs you everything. Even if all you’re left with is a Floating Factory and a single infantry sitting alone in a distant asteroid field. See, I still tied it back to Saar, who this strategy guide is about. And also, stick around for a Prophecy of Kings Saar spoiler!


5:27 - Overview

15:27 - Round One

33:56 - Problems

35:54 - Tech

45:34 - Trading/Meta

49:15 - Mid-Game

53:15 - Late Game


58:20 - Root: Woodland Alliance Errata


1:09:17 - Exploration: Freelancers and Saar Mech Reveal!


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