We’re nearing the end of these base game Strategy Guides. Five years after the release of 3rd Edition, FFG released the Shards of the Throne expansion and included three new factions. Among those was what would quickly become one of the most beloved factions of the entire game, the Ghosts of Creuss. The Ghosts are so cool and interesting, they are TI4 designer Dane Beltrami’s favorite faction. Anyways...here’s a guide we threw together. We think it’s pretty good.


4:05 - Abilities and Starting Units/Tech

16:30 - First Round Strategy Cards

42:13 - Problems

45:08 - Tech Paths

57:30 - Trading and Meta

1:08:50 - Mid-Game

1:15:11 - Late Game


1:22:07 - Muaat Strategy Guide Errata


1:35:38 - Agenda: Nexus Sovereignty and Vuil’Raith Cabal Agent: The Stillness of Stars


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