Birds, man. Lemme tell ya. This was a tough nut to crack, but eventually we found some comfort with The Eyrie Dynasties in Root. They are a good faction, but they can, at times, feel a bit tough to learn and unlock the full potential of. Half programming, and half slow-burn, the Eyrie makes for a faction that, when things go wrong it can feel crippling. But when things go right, they are among the toughest to stop. So join us while we learn to play as these fierce lil’ birds.

9:23 - Abilities

11:49 - Birdsong and The Decree

22:45 - Leaders

30:43 - Daylight and Turmoil

43:48 - Evening

46:22 - Crafty Corner

59:20 - Pitfalls

1:05:30 - Victory


Music by Brian Kupillas. Find more at


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