Oh Look! A new podcast has been spotted! As we teased recently, we are starting another show!

Old Gamer's Almanac is the definitive ranking of all video games ever, one week at a time. We know how much this audience likes lists, and we've made the lifelong commitment to playing every video game that exists in order to accurately rank them. If the video game industry would just stop for a bit while we catch up, that would make it a lot easier.

Please subscribe to the new show by going to https://oldgamersalmanac.podbean.com/ or finding Old Gamer's Almanac in your podcast app of choice! The first episodes launch Sep 21, 2021! Some aggregators take more time to populate new shows than others, so please give us a bit of time for some of the rollouts, but let us know if the show isn't popping up on your app of choice and we'll try to help out!

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